“Even though they are still uncertain of the impact blockchain will have on their businesses, 60% of CIOs in the Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda Survey said that they expected some level of adoption of blockchain technologies in the next three years”

— David Furlonger, distinguished research vice-president at Gartner

What is SpecChain?

SpecChain is a permissioned, private enterprise blockchain-as-a-service platform built on Hyperledger Fabric, allowing you from conception to production in the shortest time possible.


Man Months

Average time required to setup a private blockchain network with 6 peers.

SpecChain reduces the time to go live for a private blockchain network by automating the setup tasks. Reduce this time to less than 5 minutes.

SpecChain Features

Permissioned blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric. Access to participants is restricted and can be granted only with consensus of participants.

Choose between multi deployment options - AWS, Google and On-premises. Decide where your network needs to be.

Get onboarded quickly. Entire blockchain network can be setup with a few button clicks and less than 5 minutes. You don't need expensive resources to get onto the blockchain ecosystem.

With ready connectors, make blockchain a part of your enterprise software workflow. Connect to your ERP/Core Banking/CRM systems to monitor and track any asset.

With a number of readily available smart contracts and more getting added, you have the flexibility to choose the right application for your needs or create one from scratch.

Every write transaction is encrypted with 256 bit public key infrastructure. Every participant in the blockchain network are created as equals with RAFT consensus used for ordering.

Hyperledger Fabric has wide industry backing with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and AWS being some of the major IT giants supporting this technology. SpecChain is built on Hyperledger Fabric.

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