At Spectrum7, we believe in holistic career development for all employees. Every employee is encouraged to have a major and minor area of specialization. Further, learning new skills is actively encouraged.

You can rarely see an employee who knows only one technology. From Blockchain to IoT, AI to Groovy scripts, our whiz kids have made everything possible.

With a customer first mindset, every activity that you take part in – code reviews to testing, is done with the customer in mind. Unlike many other organizations, we ensure that everyone from the freshers to those with 20+ years of experience all meet with customers.

We strongly believe in work while you work and play while you play.

At Spectrum7 we strive to be a customer centric organization. Our ethos revolves around this core principle.

Every employee is actively encouraged and coached to meet customers, deliver presentations and to handle queries.

We encourage every employee to take part in various social activities, attend meetups and also organize meetups.

From a holistic development, Spectrum’ites learn and deliver much more outside their comfort areas. Employees are pushed to unearth talent and potential which are then nurtured to turn them into the next leaders.

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