What is SpecIoT

An enterprise IoT platform that brings together sensors, Oracle Service Cloud and ERP systems together.

SpecIoT Features

Doesn't matter if your machinery is legacy. If it has a digital interface, we can design sensors to extract data from it. At Spectrum7, we recognize that your problems are unique, hence our consultants work with you to do more with your data

SpecIoT connects to your enterprise software. Various parameters including machine health, raw materials and consumption can be automatically updated. If connected to your field service system, automatic service tickets can be raised and service personnel dispatched automatically.

SpecIoT has integrated analytics capabilities. Harness the power of predictive analytics to detect patterns in the way you consume raw materials, when components in your machines fail and consumption of your product across geographies. With social analytics, brand value analysis can also be performed.

Where can SpecIoT be used?

Automatically Raise Service Tickets

SpecIoT can integrate with Oracle Service Cloud. Sensors automatically monitor failure events in your equipment and proactively raise a service ticket in Oracle Service Cloud. Service Engineers can be assigned and problems fixed even before equipment failure can occur.

Extract Data From Legacy Machines

As long as your machines have a digital interface, we can make it "smart". With over 1000 installations across India, we have helped customers get more life out of their old equipment. Our in house IoT experts design hardware - From touch screen interface to state of the art sensors, integrate it with the cloud and push data to your core applications.

Analyze your sensor data

Lot of data from sensors are wasted. Valuable insights can be gained by analyzing this data. Statistics including machine's performance, raw material availability, calibration can be measured. Predictive and reactive analytics can be used from sensor data to predict equipment behavior over time and to take corrective action.

Case Studies

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