About Anviti

Anviti Insurance Brokers Private Limited is a composite insurance broker delivering insurance and reinsurance broking services to corporate clients in India.

Anviti delivers sophisticated, differentiated and technology led insurance broking solutions in the commercial insurance broking market.

Anviti is promoted by Catamaran, a stage and sector agnostic diversified investment firm that creates, partners with and invests in ethical differentiated and innovative businesses globally.


Anviti’s sales were completely manual and sales executives were tracking customers using excel. Management did not have a consolidated view of pipeline and funnel.

Further, opportunity progress and integration with IRDAI was lacking. This led to a situation where centralized management was not possible and various parameters including upsell, renewal opportunities were being missed.


Any updation/deletion and modification to group insurance policies were being tracked manually. Endorsements, new premium calculation was manual leading to many errors in the final output being submitted to the insurers.

Customer Story

Manage sales reps and prospects more efficiently


Oracle Sales Cloud

Anviti moved to an automated platform implemented by Spectrum7 on Oracle Sales Cloud platform. This helped the sales reps to be more productive by providing them with the right data about customers at the right time. Further, each opportunity could now be tracked across multiple sales stages allowing better tracking and prediction of sales. Funnel and pipeline management became more streamlined, thereby increasing sales. Finally with direct integration with IRDAI, sales reps were able to calculate margin percentages without even moving to a different window.

Implementation Services

Spectrum7 has provided implementation services for both Oracle and UiPath. With considerable experience in sales automation as well as robotic process automation, Spectrum7 was in a unique position to be the trusted advisor for Anviti. Spectrum7’s industry experts could translate field issues into solvable IT problems and were able to go live in the shortest period of time.