The process

Our specialists come with more than 100 man years of experience in various manufacturing industries. With an in depth understanding of supply chain, logistics and manufacturing our experts are well suited to advise you on the best approach possible in your automation journey.

Consultative Design

Our Subject Matter Experts conduct a detailed workshop to identify your current processes and map the existing processes to a target state.


The SME's handhold the technical team during the implementation process to ensure that the final output is exactly as per the vision.


Feedback from the customer on a continuous basis is fed back into the design to ensure that the final outcome is as per the exact needs.


Automate your sales processes with Oracle Sales Cloud

Move from a system of record to a system of recommendation. The most successful sales teams use tools that boost productivity and automate the tasks and processes that matter, enabling sales reps to focus on the art of selling versus spending time on data entry, research, and procedural work. With our proven track record, we can help you automate your sales processes in the fastest time possible, providing you with valuable insights – from sales rep performance all the way till sales predictions across product lines.

Our Process

By following Oracle's Unified Methodology, we have successfully helped more than 15 customers automate their sales processes.

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Automate your field service processes with Oracle CX

From gaining perspective on the most optimal route that your field service engineers should take to knowing your spare part consumption at any given point in time, our consultants have you covered. Engage with us to understand how you can improve your customer satisfaction as well as reduce your operational expenditure.

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Logistics Automation

From gate pass creation, to generating goods receipt notes, intelligent bots can automate most of these logistics tasks that are error prone and repetitive.

Invoice Processing

The process of entering invoice details into your ERP system can be automated. The intelligent bots automatically recognize fields from a pdf and insert into your ERP.

Use Intelligent Bots to automate your manual processes

An average enterprise uses 25-30 employees for performing manual, mundane tasks. Did you know that 90% of these tasks can be automated using software bots? Check some of the use cases in manufacturing below

Bank Reconciliation

Download bank statements from email/web. Load the statements onto your ERP and reconcile them automatically without any manual intervention!!

E-Invoicing Process

With many governments issuing a mandate to move to a digital invoice platform, a lot of businesses still use a number of employees. The entire process from uploading invoice details from ERP to the Govrnment's site, downloading details in any format, provisioning e-way bills etc can be completely automated.