The process

Spectrum7 has consultants with significant experience in the food & beverages industry. From operational experts to technology masters, F&B has been a vertical that has been a focus for Spectrum7

Consultative Design

Our Subject Matter Experts conduct a detailed workshop to identify your current processes and map the existing processes to a target state.


The SME's handhold the technical team during the implementation process to ensure that the final output is exactly as per the vision.


Feedback from the customer on a continuous basis is fed back into the design to ensure that the final outcome is as per the exact needs.

Use Cases In F&B

Some of the sample use cases in F&B are listed below:

Move to "as-a-service" business model with IoT

Monitor and measure raw material quantity as well as sales using SpecIoT. Make your legacy machines intelligent with custom manufactured IoT solutions

Automate Service Request

Integrate IoT with Oracle Service Cloud to automatically raise service tickets and to ensure business continuity. Intelligent sensors know which component fails in your food processing system and raises alarms accordingly.

Improve sales efficiency with Oracle Sales Cloud

Whether you are a F&B distributor /retailer or manufacturer, Oracle Sales Cloud can help by ensuring that your sales are tracked and planned properly - giving you better visibility for procurement of raw materials.

Gain insights about consumption patterns

Engage with Spectrum7 to predict consumption pattern across geographies. Intelligent sensors allow even consumption measurement to also be automated. SpecLytics - Our Analytics platform helps you gain valuable insights regarding raw material usage, allows you to set re-order levels dynamically and also helps you on-board various other partners onto the system so that every player operates cohesively delivering highest levels of efficiency.


Automate your sales processes with Oracle Sales Cloud

Move from a system of record to a system of recommendation. The most successful sales teams use tools that boost productivity and automate the tasks and processes that matter, enabling sales reps to focus on the art of selling versus spending time on data entry, research, and procedural work. With our proven track record, we can help you automate your sales processes in the fastest time possible, providing you with valuable insights – from sales rep performance all the way till sales predictions across product lines.

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Automate your field service processes with Oracle CX

Oracle Service Cloud opens up a number of opportunities for you to relook at your business models. From engaging better with your customers by integrating with a number of 3rd party apps (rating engines, delivery apps etc) to helping you move up the value chain, our consultants can help you do more with your data.

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Use IoT to automate regular operations

Are you stuck with legacy machines and not able to gather data or make decisions from those? Our IoT experts can study and custom design IoT solutions that fit your devices making them “smart”.  Start measuring food raw material quantities to automatically raise service request for your food processing machines.

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Use SpecLytics to gain insights about your business

SpecLytics – Our analytics platform helps you gain insights about your business. We help customer predict raw material usage, beverage sales, plan procurement and multiple other use cases. Engage our analytics to help understand more and how SpecLytics can be deployed in your organization.

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