The process

Spectrum7 specializes in BFSI domain. Our BFSI consultants are ex bankers and ex insurance heads. Our methodology involves an extensive study followed by recommendation to improve business processes with IT.

Consultative Design

Our Subject Matter Experts conduct a detailed workshop to identify your current processes and map the existing processes to a target state.


The SME's handhold the technical team during the implementation process to ensure that the final output is exactly as per the vision.


Feedback from the customer on a continuous basis is fed back into the design to ensure that the final outcome is as per the exact needs.

Use Cases In The BFSI Segment

Some of the sample use cases in the BFSI segment are here below:

Increase insurance policy sales

Use your sales team more effectively. Integrate Oracle Sales Cloud with IRDAI to automatically get the correct data. Track your prospects and get reminders for claims renewal.

Automate claims management

Engage our experts to help implement claims management with Oracle Service Cloud to track claims against any policy.

Automate policy endorsement generation using RPA

Automate addition/deletion/modification of group insurance policies of companies by automatically generating new endorsements and recalculating premiums

Improve Customer Centricity

Engage with Spectrum7 to improve your customer centricity. With Oracle Service Cloud, track your customers and engage with them with intelligent data. Service your existing customers better and sell add-ons to improve share of wallet.

Syndicated Loans

Spectrum7's SpecChain allows you to track funds - from origin to destination seamlessly. With connectors to plug in to your core applications, tracking is made easy.


Harness the power of private enterprise blockchain to conduct e-auctions with a smart contract serving as a virtual auctioneer. Remove possibilities of cartelization and auction fixing by making the entire process transparent and auditable.

Automate BRS using RPA

Automate bank reconciliation systems using RPA. Multiple statements with different formats can be reconciled automatically using intelligent software bots.

Trade Finance

SpecChain has ready available smart contracts to help you get started on your trade finance journey as soon as possible. Monitor and ensure that invoices submitted are not fraudulent while also ensuring that duplicate trade financing is stopped.


Automate your sales processes with Oracle Sales Cloud

Move from a system of record to a system of recommendation. The most successful sales teams use tools that boost productivity and automate the tasks and processes that matter, enabling sales reps to focus on the art of selling versus spending time on data entry, research, and procedural work. With our proven track record, we can help you automate your sales processes in the fastest time possible, providing you with valuable insights – from sales rep performance all the way till sales predictions across product lines.

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Automate your field service processes with Oracle CX

Manage your customer service in a more efficient manner – from claims management for insurance companies to credit card service for banks, our consultants have you covered. Engage now to see how you can improve customer satisfaction and increase share of wallet with existing customers.

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Use Intelligent Bots to automate your manual processes

Automate your manual processes in an error free manner with UiPath intelligent bots. From invoice processing to bank statement reconciliation, our RPA consultants have a wide variety of demos. Engage now to understand how RPA can reduce man power and improve efficiency and accuracy.

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Deploy private enterprise blockchain to securely exchange and track data

With SpecChain, any asset can be modelled and tracked on the network. Setup your private enterprise blockchain network with a few button clicks and deploy smart contracts – all within 30 minutes. Our technical consultants are ready to advise you on the possible use cases for blockchain in your enterprise and to suggest optimal ways to integrate it in your environment with minimal disruption.

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